Friday, April 2, 2010

Up Coming Interviews from the land of Baby Wasp!

Hey Party People!!

Sorry about my infrequent posts as of late, I started a new 'day job' working in Business Development and Marketing for a gourmet Pizza has been crazy, and my new 'family' of colleagues work hard, and play hard...The playing hard side of things I'm still getting used to lol. It seems getting older has reduced my tolerance to hangovers. But life is good, and the best thing about my new gig is I can be creative 24/7! :) And now I've had my initiation period, I'm back and ready to Blog it up with some kick arse interviews!

Coming up in the next few weeks on "Baby Wasp's Culture Hound"....

SCOTT GEISZLER - CEO and Co-Founder of 'Pizza Capers', Australia's most amazing Gourmet Pizza Company. I don't just go and work for any company, I researched this guy before I got in! ;) Ranked by BRW Magazine as one of Australia's fastest growing franchises... 

PAUL BUDNITZ - Founder and Creator of Kidrobot, the world's premiere creator of Designer Toys, fashion apparel and accessories! Designer, Film maker and serial entrepreneur. This guy, I am frothing at the mouth to interview. :)

SIIMON REYNOLDS - Australian Entrepreneur, Marketing and Advertising Legend. My Dad's idol, and a man that I have heard about my whole one of my heroes. "The Hottest thing in Australian Advertising" - 60 Minutes

FRIENDS WITH YOU -Established in 2002 by Miami-based artists Samuel Borkson and Arturo Sandoval III, FriendsWithYou set forth on a mission to spread the idea of Magic, Luck, and Friendship™ around the world, and become Friends-With-You! Art, Designer Toys and a Creative Agency that has worked with the likes of MTV and Nike. Crazy :)

Stay tuned, same time, same place, same channel. 

Baby Wasp

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