Saturday, January 30, 2010

AMANDA VISELL... Monster Mash?

Did you ever believe that there was a Monster living in your wardrobe, or under your bed?

You have probably blocked it from your memory now, but you know what I am talking about, there is no denying it. That unexplainable shape in the darkness...
Your parents probably told you that Monster's aren't real, and you believed them. Why? Because parents are the law until you are about 16. But my friends, I'm here to deliver a message:

 And there is something even more shocking, Disney was involved. 

Her name is Amanda Visell, and she is a Superhero of the Art world. Amanda has painted, sculpted, and designed her way to work with the likes of Kidrobot and Disneyland USA. 
She runs her own brand, and is also one half of "The Girls Productions", a collaborative effort with fellow Artist Michelle Valigura.

Enjoy your time with Amanda, and remember to look closely at her work, you may just see someone or something familiar. But be warned, since speaking with Amanda, I have had two Zombie dreams in the one week, which just proves my point...she is still in charge of the Monsters. 




BW: When you go to sleep at night, do you ever encounter characters from your Art in your dreams? Or any surprising new characters?

AV: Uh no, I do see a lot of zombies.

BW: I love all of your random photos on Twitter. And I find it intriguing that objects are always strategically placed so that we can only see your eyes and the top of your head. Is this to stop you being recognised by your fans, or is it to add to your mystique as an Artist?

AV: I just don't like my picture being taken, I come from a long line of people that aren't photogenic. 

BW: In a battle between Batman and Spiderman, who would win and why?

AV: Spiderman. He is part spider. Batman is just a man. Sad to say, I like Batman more.

BW: So, the Art world seems to be a lot of 'who you know', which makes it hard for new Artists to break in. Was there a particular moment or event, when you knew you had finally broken into the Art world and felt you had arrived?

AV: Did I arrive? If it happened I think I missed it. I just work hard every day, and try to stay in the world.

BW: In the words of 'Napoleon Dynamite', you have amazing 'skills' with your Art. What other skills have you needed to refine or develop to make the Amanda Visell brand so successful?
Do you have a team of people you work with, or is it a one woman show? 

AV: Friends. I couldnt do this without the amazing people around me there to help, especially Michelle.
(Michelle Valigura is Amanda's business partner. Together they run "The Girls Productions", in which they develop their own concepts for animations, books and products. Both have lines of products with Disneyland USA)

Click here for a tour of Amanda and Michelle's studio...

BW: What has been your favourite project so far? Or is every day a new adventure?

AV: It depends, I'm pretty into the show Im working on right now. Trying to mix it up a bit.

BW: Have you had any 'demons' you have have had to face, that have stood between you and where you want to be? 

AV: Yes, humans.

BW: Will Manly the dog feature in any upcoming work?

AV: No way. Hes trying to steal my cookies right now.
BW: I collect limited edition toys, and my best friend collects tin toy robots. Do you have any selfish indulgences?

AV: I'm kinda an electronic geek. but not in a stupid boy way. Also I have Battery operated musical plush tin toys, and vintage animation concept paintings.

BW: Last question...What is your theory on making dreams come true?

AV: I have no freaking idea, but I do feel lucky every day. I just wish I could stop grinding my teeth.
Thanks captain.

Massive thanks to Amanda for taking the time to chat with me! Please check out the links below to see more of Amanda's work. 

Until next time....
Baby Wasp :)

Amanda's Website

Kidrobot - Creator of Designer Toys and Apparel

The Girls Productions

My Switcheroo - A place to buy Amanda and Michelle's work!

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